Tuesday, September 23, 2014

(Samuel Edris Griffith)

Lord, do you think am I ready to face,
the people down there and that scary place.
This one I call mom seems sweet and warm.
I look forward to be in her loving arms.

I will try and do the best I can,
to follow your endearing perfect plan.
But if I fall along the way,
oh dear Lord, what will you say? 

My child, you need not worry and need not fret, 
where I send you, all is set.
Your mom will love you with all her heart.
She will teach you right from the start

When you become age eight, 
It's your turn to keep things straight.
The gift I give is that of choice,
you can always ask and listen for my voice

As you grow old, things will change
you will be tempted and things will be strange
But look back to your mom who led you right, 
and know you're her child both day and night

I as well, will be by your side
I left you a companion who will always abide
Ask for his help in time of need
and from your troubles you can be freed

But Lord, I know I will surely fall
and will let you down after all
This place I go is so full of wrong
Some looks interesting for which I'll long 

I'll choose the bad when I'm weak
I'll make mistakes and pleasures seek
What do I do when I've gone astray?
Do I give up and what price will I pay?

My dear child, you need not fear
As I said, I am always here.
The gift I left who will abide
Will never falter and will be by your side

Peace be yours when ever you ask
I tell you this, it will ever last
Ask for me and truly know
I am with you where ever you go

Edris Griffith - 4-17-2014

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